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Booking Terms

  1. You must be physically fit enough to undertake the challenge.
  2. You must not take part if you have any physical illness which might result in you, or others, being put in danger. If in doubt ask your GP.
  3. Each participant must pay a £35.00 non-refundable booking fee. Booking fees will only be refunded if your application is not accepted. If the organisers are forced to cancel the event for any reason, a new date may be established and entries may be carried forwards.
  4. You are responsible for collecting all sponsorship monies and passing them on to the event organisers promptly.
  5. Each team must have an experienced leader who has experience of navigating using map and compass.
  6. All teams must follow instructions from the event organisers and marshals and follow the designated route except where to do so may result in danger.
  7. If walkers wish to drop out en route they should inform a marshal and follow the escape routes on their map if necessary.
  8. Every participant has to sign out of the event, whether they finish or not.
  9. Please be considerate of other walkers and members of the public not taking part in the challenge and follow the country code.
  10. Each participant must have the appropriate equipment for a challenge of this nature
  11. Entrants must be 16 and over.

The 10in10 Challenge is for experienced fell-walkers who are also competent navigators. We will provide the necessary map/route guide/gpx file for guidance, but ultimately the responsibility for safely negotiating these walks lies with you. If you are unsure of your abilities to navigate safely on the fells, please consider going with a guide.

The EVERYDAY 10in10 is completely unsupported.  There will be no marshals on the fells to support you.

The NO CURE ALWAYS HOPE ULTRA – is completely unsupported. There will be no marshals on the fells to support you.

Who We Are

Who We Are

The annual 10in10 challenge was designed and created by Yvonne Booth in 2011. It was her response to her husband Duncan's diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010 at the age of 39. As a wife and mother of three sons, she wanted to do something positive and help raise money for research into this cruel illness. find out more →

The photography on this web site is provided by Steve Razzetti

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