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Family Event Logistics

This information is relevant for the Family 5in5 only.

For the Annual 10in10 and 5in5 information click here. For the No Cure, Always Hope, Ultra Run information click here.

We want you and your family to get the most out of the Family 5in5, so please read the following information as it will help in preparation, and explains a little more about the event what you will need to do on the day.

Please also look at the Booking Terms.

Preparation and Training

Try and get out on a few mountainous walks with the family a few times before the event. You will amazed how kids will enjoy themselves in the hills, and how far they can actually walk! However, the fells can be a dangerous environment, and small issues can become an emergency if not dealt with in the correct way. The weather can play its part in this too – it can turn for the worse in a very short space of time so it is essential that everyone is prepared for all weathers and that everyone stays safe and well!

Although the 5 peaks on the route will be marshalled, the appointed Team Leader in your group is responsible for the whole groups navigation and welfare. It is therefore essential that the Team Leader is competent in a mountainous environment, can use a map and compass (to both navigate along a set route and plan and follow an escape route in case of an emergency) and ideally has first aid experience. There are many good refresher courses for mountain navigation and first aid; please get in touch if you need further guidance on this.

Logistics 5in5 Registration and Start

Start and Finish is from the Swinside Inn, near Portinscale, Keswick.

Registration will open from 8.30am – 9.30am This will take place at the Swinside Inn.

At registration, each participant in your team will be signed into the event, and you will be given a map, a Route Guide and a number.

Once registered you and your family team may start the challenge!

Refreshments – There will be a food station offering snacks/refreshments available along the way.


Please try to share cars to avoid too much congestion. The Family 5in5 crew will be visible as you approach the Swinside Inn, to direct you to your FREE parking on the day.

Finish – Signing Out

Every participant is required to sign out of the event once they return to the Swinside Inn. We hope that you will stay on at the Swinside Inn for the after-event party!  We have booked some live music and there will be superb food to buy as well as a well-deserved pint or two (big kids only!).

Kit List

It is essential that all participants have the following kit with them on the day:

  • Walking Boots/Shoes – ‘broken in’ and ready to use
  • Suitable walking socks
  • Waterproof Jacket (tape seam sealed)
  • Waterproof Trousers (tape seam sealed)
  • Warm Jacket
  • Small Rucsack – to carry your lunch and spare clothing
  • Gloves and warm hat
  • Water bottle (1L minimum)
  • Sun lotion/hat

Please come prepared for all weather possibilities!

Every adult participant should have a watch.

The ‘Team Leader’ must have:

  • 1:25,000 scale map Outdoor Leisure North West OL 4 (detailed route plan you will be given relates to this map).
  • Compass (and know how to use it)
  • Whistle
  • Mobile phone
  • First Aid Kit (recommended to include pain killers, blister kit, re-hydration sachets).
  • Survival Bag (Plastic 6’x2′ bag, available cheaply in outdoor shops).

In addition, one other adult member of each group must have the same map, a compass and a mobile phone.

Suggested items:

  • Trekking poles

Sunglasses/sun hat/sun cream – well you never know!

‘It’s well worth having a look at the George Fisher website, or even better, pop in to the store in Keswick. George Fisher have a great selection of kids outdoor clothing and footwear and will be very happy to help you’


Each Team Leader must check that their team is present and correct at the start and let us know of any changes from when you first booked online. They need to vouch that all participants in their team has a complete and thorough Kit List (see above). All team members must START TOGETHER and STAY TOGETHER!

At registration each member of your group will sign into to the event. At registration, we will provide each entrant with a number which must be visible for the marshals to see. It is imperative that you check in with every marshal on every peak that is marshalled! (You must give them your number only). Marshalled peaks are indicated on the Route Guide on the reserve of the map. If you do not do this you will be assumed to be missing and we will start looking for you!!! Each marshal is then responsible for letting base know that you have passed through their checkpoint.

PLEASE NOTE: If any one of your participants need to leave the event early once you have started, your whole group will need to leave together; STAY TOGETHER! It is helpful if you inform a marshal, however, if you cannot do this you MUST still return to the Swinside Inn to sign you out of the event.

YOU MUST SIGN EVERY PARTICIPANT IN YOUR GROUP OUT OF THE EVENT WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED. Please see a 5in5 marshal at the Swinside Inn or sooner if you leave the event early!

ICE (In Case of Emergency) You will need to leave us an emergency name and number, and indicate any medical conditions. You will not be able to enter the event without providing us with this information. We are sure we won’t need to use this number but we must be prepared for all eventualities!

We are restricting each ‘family’ or group to a maximum of 10 individuals.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Please note, the route may change at the last minute if the weather conditions are extreme. If it is dangerously windy, we will re-route to avoid some of the higher peaks, but don’t worry – we can still guarantee a fantastic day out!


Who We Are

Who We Are

The annual 10in10 challenge was designed and created by Yvonne Booth in 2011. It was her response to her husband Duncan's diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010 at the age of 39. As a wife and mother of three sons, she wanted to do something positive and help raise money for research into this cruel illness. find out more →

The photography on this web site is provided by Steve Razzetti

"Duncan Booth is an object lesson to us all. I think the way he has responded to his illness while he is still able, is inspirational." Sir Chris Bonington

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